5 Simple Ways to (Virtually) Boost Employee Morale

  • Apr 28, 2020

By now, the excitement of working from home, taking long walks with the dog, and eating box mac n’ cheese for breakfast (because why not) has lost its luster. Most of us feel like we are starring in the movie “Groundhog Day,” doing the same thing over and over again – even those delicious cheesy shells are beginning to taste bland.





Sure, employees depend on weekly routines. However, after being thrown into an unknown abyss, having no idea when offices will open the doors again, it is important to make your workers feel celebrated and motivated – sweatpants and all.


Here at SAGE, we are doing everything we can to boost employee morale (virtually through a screen). It doesn’t matter if your company is composed of 3 employees or 300, making them feel appreciated and bringing a smile to their faces during a time that is so scary is 100% a must right now.


Let’s dive into 5 simple ways that you can also boost employee morale during quarantine.



Employee Newsletter


One of the best ways to stay connected with employees is a fun, yet informative internal newsletter. This is such a great way to let them know of any company updates, especially during this time. You can even recognize stellar performances, provide industry news, and supply podcast and documentary recommendations – yes, Tiger King will probably be mentioned.


Other newsletter ideas you can add to your very own publication include:


  • Favorite Recipes – for the ones (like me) eating mac n’ cheese almost every day!
  • Puzzles and Games
  • Employee Spotlights
  • Birthdays and Work Anniversaries
  • Your Company’s Instagram Feed





OK, OK… this should be happening even in the office, but now, more than ever, people need to feel that job security. Sure, a simple “Great Job!” email would work, but you can take it a step further and do something extra special.


Send them a gift card to their favorite restaurant (for takeout, of course), highlight their accomplishments in the company newsletter, or support a local retailer and send them a scented candle or plant that they can set next to their computer screen.


It doesn’t matter what you do, just as long as you show your employees that you recognize their hard work and appreciate all of the effort and TLC they put into the company.



Dance Parties


Everybody dance now!





Dance as if (everyone!) is watching and host a 5-minute spontaneous dance party each week. You can even come up with a special Spotify playlist, with songs suggested by your employees. Sometimes just letting loose and dancing in the kitchen can help relieve any anxiety caused by what is going on in our world right now. Might I recommend the song “Higher Love” by Kygo and Whitney Houston?


Even if you can’t dance, just break out “the robot” – that move will suffice!



Team Happy Hours


It doesn’t matter if you prefer a dry martini with olives, craft beer, or opt for the refreshing root beer, an after-work virtual happy hour is a great way for team members to laugh off the day and catch up with one another.


Recently, the SAGE distributor sales team held a virtual happy hour. This can be you and your team too!





Show How Much You Care


In these uncertain times, people are scared, confused, and lonely. So, above everything else, empathy and compassion are the most important characteristics to show each other.


If your team is smaller, take a moment each week to call or video chat them individually just to check-in. Ask about the family, how they’re holding up. Offer any advice that might help them professionally. Share a recipe; save them from mac n’ cheese AGAIN.


You can even send out a light-hearted team email each Monday, full of GIFS and silly memes that bring a smile to their faces. Whatever it is, show your department just how much you care.


Boosting employee morale (outside of the office) can be easy, quick, and fun. As long as you show employees you are trying to go above and beyond for them now, they will be much happier and more eager to step back into the office once the doors open back up.


Stay safe and well, everyone.

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