7 Fresh Products Perfect for Spring

  • Feb 20, 2020

The days are getting longer, and the weather is beginning to warm up – that means spring is coming! From outdoor concerts and craft fairs to sports events and graduations, if your clients are looking for a unique way to ring in the season, we’ve put together a few of our favorite products that are perfect for springtime promotions.


SAGE #56780

Though spring tends to be characterized by verdant fields and emerging blooms, it’s also one of the rainiest times of year. This umbrella features a sunny skyscape on the underside so that even on the gloomiest of days, your clients will have a little slice of blue skies above them.

Folding Chair

SAGE #56780

With all the little league baseball games and backyard grilling happening in spring, people are inevitably going to need a rest. Luckily, this chair is foldable, portable, and ready to go anywhere! Your clients will love having their logo prominently displayed on what will surely be the envy of everyone else at the function.

Picnic Bag

SAGE #66308

Nothing says “spring” quite like a picnic. This insulated cooler bag features padded straps for comfortable carrying and is collapsible for convenient storage during the picnicking off-season. Fill these baskets with cheese and wine for a fantastic employee gift, or hand them out at a tradeshow for an interesting and new show bag.

Flowerpot Bluetooth Speaker

SAGE #52344

Perfect for fresh blooms and hot tunes, this dual-function Bluetooth speaker and flowerpot allows users to listen to their favorite songs in- and outdoors by streaming directly from any Bluetooth device. Your client’s logo will be beautifully complimented by whatever plant they choose to put inside this pot, making this promotion music to their ears.

Sun Kit

SAGE #51749

With winter passing into the rearview mirror, sun safety is more important than ever! This kit includes bandages, sunscreen packets, lip balm, moist towelettes, and a healthy guideline insert, all neatly packaged in a waterproof container. This sun kit makes a great giveaway for all kinds of outdoor events or anywhere the sun is shining.


SAGE #60462

It’s not truly spring without a little deep cleaning, so open those windows and shake out all the winter dust! This flexible telescoping duster will help your clients reach new heights (literally!) with their cleaning and their branding.

Flowerpot Set

SAGE #53170

Working in an office doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the changing seasons. Bring the fresh, new life of spring indoors with this mini flowerpot set, perfect for small spaces and windowsill gardeners. Featuring a logo or design prominently printed on the flowerpot, your clients will enjoy watching their brand awareness grow alongside this plant.

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