Memes & Marketing

  • Jan 8, 2020

When you think of “memes” what do you imagine? For many, when someone says meme, they envision this kind of image below – a silly image and some kind of witty saying, or possibly a tidbit of advice, wrapped up with Impact font.

However, there’s so much more to memes than just relatable witticisms set to a still from a 90’s cartoon.

What is a meme?

Memes are a cultural element that are passed from one person to another through “non-genetic means”, which typically means by imitation or sharing. They’re often humorous images, videos, or pieces of text that are spread rapidly throughout a community. The rapid spread of these images, videos, etc., is what makes them memes – they’re designed to be shared!

In the past decade, memes have ascended to a whole new plane of our cultural zeitgeist. They’re everywhere and are used to describe unique human experiences that are, in a way, relatable and fun to share with peers. It is for this reason that using memes in your marketing strategy is so important!

Why should you market your business with memes?

It’s easy to be dismissive of memes – after all, they’re informal and ridiculous by design. However, because memes thrive through tweeting, texting, posting, and sharing, they are an incredible tool to garner brand awareness.

Brand marketing on social media is nothing new, but memes can be very refreshing compared to the sponsored content and informational posts. Generation Z especially can be very averse to branded content and sponsored ads, so adding some meme magic to your social media marketing strategy can be a great way to draw in this younger audience.

Memes work for brands because they have been specifically created for value through entertainment. Almost 85% of content shared on social media today is made up of memes! Meme marketing isn’t in-your-face promotional, and it makes people laugh with casual references to your brand.

How to use memes for your brand?

The trick to using memes in your marketing strategy is staying up-to-date with the current trends in pop culture. This is not as hard as it sounds! Since you already have social media accounts, you’re probably already seeing dozens of memes a day. Make a mental note of which posts and memes appeal to you the most AND are getting the most engagement.

Memes thrive on being personal and informal. Don’t try to be too professional in your memes! A little internet slang here and there will entertain your customers and entice potential clients.

Use your brand’s content to create memes. For example, here’s a SAGE meme featuring one of our very own:

Using your own content, such as funny photos of your employees or your products, helps to create relatable memes that also serve to familiarize your audience with your company.

While it’s smart to jump on this viral bandwagon occasionally, it is far more important to make sure that your memes remain original, relevant, and unique to your brand.

When done correctly, meme marketing can be a very useful tool. Most social media users prefer sharing an entertaining image, video, or GIF over a 500-word promotional blog about your brand’s latest product. This makes meme marketing a powerful tool to engage with your clients and grow your audience.

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